Ground Control Landworks


When you've got a tough job, leave it to us -- the demolition and land experts. We do it all when it comes to site work; if you need a plot cleared and leveled, we can do it. Needing a pond or lake dug but don't have the equipment? Not to worry; we've got you covered with our tools and services. We can haul and clear any site with ease. And with more than 10 years of experience, you can trust us on getting the job done with superior quality.

Grading services


When it comes to grading services, there's no better company to hire. We scope every area of land so we can provide optimal leveling. When we're done grading your land, you'll be left with an even, smooth surface unmatched by any competitor. Whether you're a homeowner seeking to reshape your backyard or you're a contractor needing a level job site to begin construction, our guys are more than capable! We also offer excavating services and pad work to level any work site, so you don't have to! We don't just move dirt around----we create solutions to your need.
Tired of your basement flooding? Or poor drainage system? It's likely a result of poor, uneven land structure. But not to worry! With our grading services, we can remove excess dirt from areas and place it where it's necessary. We can also install new driveways and road systems! Take a look to see an overview of our grading services below!
  • Grading building pads and foundations
  • Installing driveways and access roads
  • Installing water lines & drainage systems
  • Shaping land for correct water drainage
  • Spreading fill dirt, topsoil, gravel, millings, and aggregate

Forestry Mulching


While we clear away any trees or brush, we conserve resources by forestry mulching. If you're unfamiliar with the process, forestry mulching refers to grinding up excess materials including brush, limbs and other vegetation into a eco-friendly, all natural mulch to replenish surface areas. We utilize a specialized forestry mulching machine that many know as a forestry mulcher, that's equipped with steel chippers. These chippers or "teeth" cut through vegetation and grind them down to a mulch-like consistency. This mulch is spread evenly across land areas to improve erosion control and protect the topsoil.

Brush work

LAND CLEARING/Brush Clearing

At Ground Control Landwork, we're masters of the land and that includes every part of its surface. Brush clearing and land clearing can be a challenging job for the everyday person, but not for us. We've got heavy machinery galore to plow away even the thickest brush around your home or commercial front. Our brush cutting services can be applied to even the most densely overgrown areas in pastures, homes, hunting plots and other locations.

Land clearing may seem simple enough but that's rarely the case. Especially if you don't have the equipment to get the job done. But here at Ground Control Landwork, we have the skills, the manpower, and top-of-the-line equipment to get any space cleared. Whether you're needing some brush removed or a full-service land clearing job, make us your first choice!
  • Site prep
  • Commercial and residential lots
  • New construction
  • Land development
  • & more

Tree Removal


Do you have an unsightly tree intruding your yard? Perhaps an older tree that needs to be removed for safety reasons? Even a tree hazardously near your power lines? For all of the following, we can provide our tree removal services for a price you can easily afford! We are expert tree climbers with 10 plus years of experience behind us. Our tree cutting services include everything from tree removal, to removal of debris and clean-up services to stump grinding services!